Last updated: October 19, 2018

Email: sylee dot tim at qmul dot ac dot uk
Office: +44 (0)20 7882 3997

Sang Yoon (Tim) Lee

School of Economics and Finance, GC 409
Mile End Road
E1 4NS London, UK

Academic Employment and Affiliations

Reader, Queen Mary University of London Aug 2018-
Research Associate, Centre for Macroeconomics, LSE May 2018-
Research Affiliate, CEPR Macroeconomics and Growth Dec 2016-
Assistant Professor, Toulouse School of Economics Jan 2017-Jul 2018
Visiting Junior Chair, Toulouse School of Economics Jan-Dec 2016
Assistant Professor, University of Mannheim Sep 2011-Dec 2016
(on leave Jan-Dec 2016)


Ph.D. Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison Aug 2011
M.S. Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison Dec 2007
B.A. Economics (magna cum laude), Seoul National University Feb 2002


1. On the Integenerational Transmission of Economic Status with Ananth Seshadri
forthcoming, JPE
2. Economic Policy and Equality of Opportunity with Ananth Seshadri
EJ, vol 128(612), pp. F114-F151, Jul 2018
featured column in LSE Business Review
3. Computerizing Industries and Routinizing Jobs: Explaining Trends in Aggregate Productivity with Sangmin Aum and Yongs Shin
JME, vol 97, pp. 1-21, Aug 2018
SE on The Consequences of Transformative Technical Progress for the Macroeconomy
prepared for the Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference on Public Policy, Nov 2017
featured column in VoxEU
4. Industrial and occupational employment changes during the Great Recession with Sangmin Aum and Yongs Shin FRB St. Louis Review, 99(4), pp. 307-17, 2017

Working Papers

5. Entrepreneurs, Managers and Inequality
4th round, RED
6. The Causal Effect of Parents' Education on Children's Earnings with Nicolas Roys and Ananth Seshadri
2nd R&R, AER
7. The Option Value of Human Capital: Higher Education and Wage Inequality with Yongs Shin and Donghoon Lee

NBER w21724
8. Horizontal and Vertical Polarization: Task-Specific Technological Change in a Multi-Sector Economy with Yongs Shin
NBER w23283
9. Who is Afraid of Machines? with Sotiris Blanas and Gino Gancia

Works in Progress

10. Binding Up the Nation's Wounds: An Economic Analysis of the Korean Reunification with Yongs Shin
11. Labor (Mis)Allocation and Development: Evidence from German Wage Convergence with Wolfgang Dauth, Sebastian Findeisen and Tommaso Porzio
12. Waxing Jobs and Waning Industries with Sangmin Aum and Yongs Shin
13. Can Redistribution Lead to Economic Development? with Hans Holter and Ananth Seshadri


PEDL Major Research Grant (£202,926.00, Co-PI; PI: Yongs Shin) Jan 2015-Jun 2018
Fritz Thyssen Stiftung, with Benjamin Born, Georg Dürnecker and Cezar Santos May 2013
Autonomiefonds, University of Mannheim Mar 2013
Alice Gengler Distinguished Graduate Fellowship, Dept of Economics, UW-Madison Sep 2010-May 2011
NBER Travel Grant, Entrepreneurship Working Group Jul/Dec 2010
Best Student Paper Award, Southwestern Economics Association Mar 2010
Economics Merit Scholarship, Seoul National University 1999-2000

Shorter Visits

Korea University Jul 2018
Seoul National University Jul 2018, Aug 2017, Jun/Aug 2016, Aug 2011
Washington University in St. Louis Apr 2018, June/July 2017, Sep 2016, Aug 2015, Aug 2012
University of San Diego Apr 2018
Johns Hopkins University Apr 2018
University of Oslo Nov 2016
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Apr 2016, Feb 2014, Jul 2013, Jan 2012
University of Wisconsin-Madison Apr 2016, Summer 2013
University of Notre Dame Apr 2016
KDI School Oct 2015
University College London Feb 2015
Arizona State University Oct 2014
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Aug 2012

Invited Seminars

McGill Univeristy May 2019
Insper São Paulo Apr 2019
FGV São Paulo Apr 2019
Banco de Portugal Feb 2019
University of Nottingham Feb 2019
LMU Munich Dec 2018
NHH Bergen Oct 2018
University of Oslo Sep 2018, Oct 2016
Johns Hopkins University May 2018
Stockholm School of Economics Jan 2018
Sciences Po Jan 2018
Queen Mary University of London Jan 2018
University of Kent Nov 2017
University of Bristol Nov 2017
University of Cambridge Oct 2017
National University of Singapore Aug 2017
University of New South Wales May 2017
London School of Economics May 2017
University of Amsterdam/Tinbergen Apr 2017
ESADE Mar 2017
Lancaster University Feb 2017
École Polytechnique Nov 2016
European University Institute Oct 2016
Universitat de Barcelona Oct 2016
University of Wisconsin-Madison Apr 2016
University of Notre Dame Apr 2016
CORE (Louvain) Nov 2015
Autonoma Barcelona Oct 2015
KDI School of Public Policy and Management Sep 2015
University of Essex Mar and Jun 2015
MadMac (Joint Carlos III & CEMFI seminar) May 2015
Toulouse School of Economics Mar 2015
IFS / UCL Feb 2015
University of Cyprus Dec 2014
Stockholm IIES Apr 2014
Uppsala University Apr 2014
University of Southampton Mar 2014
Western University Jan 2014
University of Konstanz Dec 2012
University of Bonn (Macro) Oct 2012
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Aug 2012
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Jan 2012
Samsung Economic Research Institute Feb 2011
Korea Institute for International Economic Policy Feb 2011
University of Mannheim Feb 2011
University of Western Ontario Feb 2011
Wharton School (Finance Group) Jan 2011
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Jan 2011
Collegio Carlo Alberto Nov 2010
University of Wisconsin-Madison Oct 2010

Conference Presentations

AEA Annual Meeting Jan 2019, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012
ES European Winter Meetings Dec 2018, 2014
SED Annual Meeting Jun 2018, 2016, 2012
SAET Taipei (by invitation) Jun 2018
CEPR ESSIM May 2018 (cancelled due to immigration issues), 2013
Transpyrenean Macro Workshop Mar 2018, 2017, 2016
3rd GRIPS-Keio Macroeconomics and Policy Workshop, Tokyo (by invitation) Feb 2018
2nd Swiss Macro Workshop, Sils-Maria, Switzerland (by invitation) Jan 2018
Carnegie-Rochester-NYU conference on Public Policy (by invitation) Nov 2017
RIDGE @ IEA World Congress, Mexico City (by invitation) Jun 2017
ES North American Summer Meeting, St. Louis (by invitation) Jun 2017
NBER EFG, New York Feb 2017
XXXI Jornadas de Economía Industrial, Palma de Mallorca (by invitation) Sep 2016
EEA Annual Meeting Aug 2016, Aug 2015
Minnesota Workshop in Macroeconomic Theory Jul 2016
GTD Taipei Jun 2016
ES World Congress, Montreal Aug 2015
IGC Growth Workshop, Addis Ababa (by invitation) Jul 2015
13th International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy Jul 2015
Macroeconomic Implications of Firm-Labor Heterogeneity (Barcelona Summer Forum) Jun 2015
Family Economics Workshop (Barcelona Summer Forum) Jun 2015
Association of Southern European Economic Theorists Nov 2014, Oct 2010
Tax and the Aggregate Economy (ASU, by invitation) Oct 2014
Normative Ethics and Welfare Economics (BFI, by invitation) Oct 2014
The economics of study choices (Zurich) Sep 2014
Economic Inequality, Labor Markets and International Trade (CEPR) Jun 2014
Frankfurt-Mannheim Macro Workshop Sep 2013, Jun 2012
Financial Frictions and the Real Economy (DFG) June 2013
Family Economics Workshop (Barcelona Summer Forum) June 2013
Vienna Macro Workshop Oct 2012
Cologne Workshop on Macroeconomics Oct 2012
Micro and Macro Perspectives on the Aggregate Labor Market (NBER) Nov 2011
ES Asian Meeting Aug 2011
RES Royal Holloway Apr 2011
MEA Annual Meeting Mar 2011, 2010
SSSA Annual Meeting Mar 2010

Conference Discussions

ECB/CEPR Labour Market Workshop, Frankfurt Dec 2018
CEPR MG Meeting, Manchester Nov 2018
Mannheim Workshop in Quantitative Macroeconomics May 2018
MaCCi IO Day May 2015
Frankfurt-Mannheim Macro Workshop Sep 2014
IREBS Conference on Real Estate Economics and Finance June 2012
MEA Annual Meeting Mar 2011, 2010
SSSA Annual Meeting Mar 2010

Professional Services

Refereeing: AEJ:Macro, EJ, RED, JDE, Economic Theory, JEEA, EER, ReStud, JET, AER, JHC, Labour Economics,
Conferences/Workshops: Co-Organizer, International Workshop on Financing Human Capital, Paris 2018 Co-Organizer, Mannheim Workshop in Quantitative Macroeconomics 2016,2014,2013 Co-Organizer, Frankfurt-Mannheim Macro Workshop 2015 Assistant Program Committee Member, ES European Winter Meetings, Madrid 2015
Recruiting Committee:TSE 2017, University of Mannheim 2012-2015
Seminar Organization:Macro Seminar, TSE 2017-2018; Internal Seminar, University of Mannheim 2014

Teaching / Experience

Queen Mary University of London: 1 Ph.D. dissertation under supervision
Advanced Macroeconomics (MRes) Fall 2018

Toulouse School of Economics: 3 MA theses, 1 Ph.D. dissertation proposal supervised
Ph.D. external examiner: Johanna Schauer (IMF, 2016)
Quantitative Methods in Economics (M2) Spring 2018
Advanced Macroeconomics (M1) Spring 2018
Heterogeneity in Quantitative Macroeconomics (DEEQA) Fall 2016/2017

Applied Econometrics (M1) Fall 2016-Spring 2017
Quantitative Models of Inequality (DEEQA Mini-Course) Spring 2016

University of Mannheim: 25 BA theses, 3 MA theses, 3 Ph.D. proposals supervised
Ph.D. committee member: Florian Exler (U Vienna, 2017), Henning Roth (Alte Leipziger-Hallesche, 2016)

Economic Growth (BA) Spring 2015, Fall 2013
Advanced Macroeconomics I (Ph.D. core) Fall 2014
Growth Comparisons (BA seminar course) Spring 2014, Spring/Fall 2012
Topics in Quantitative Macroeconomics (Ph.D.) Fall 2013, Spring 2012/2013
Growth Comparisons (MA seminar course) Spring/Fall 2013, Fall 2011
Growth and Development (BA) Fall 2011/2012

UW-Madison / SNU
Instructor, Intermediate Macroeconomics Summer 2013
Teaching Assistant, Macroeconomic Theory (Ph.D. core) Fall 2006-Spring 2007, Spring 2010
Teaching Assistant (Head TA), Principles of Macroeconomics Fall 2009
Teaching Assistant, Statistics: Measurement in Economics (BA) Fall 2008-Spring 2009
Project Assistant to Professor Ananth Seshadri Summer 2009, Fall 2007-Spring 2008
Project Assistant to Professor Keunkwan Ryu Fall 2000-Summer 2001


Computers: F90/95, C/C++, MPI Parallel Programming; Python; Matlab, Stata, LaTeX; Linux O/S
Languages: English (native), Korean (native), German (basic B1), French (basic B1)

Military Service (Republic of Korea)

Command Group Interpreter, UNC/CFC Seoul, Jul 2003-Jun 2005
Intel Officer / Network Administrator, CIOC, CFC Seoul, Jan 2003-Jun 2003
Logistics / Liaison Officer, ROKAF Logistics Command / JUSMAG-K Daegu, Sep 2002-Dec 2002
Air Force Interpreter Training, ROKAF Operations Command Osan, Jul 2002-Sep 2002
Air Force Officer Candidate School, ROKAF Education & Training Command Jinju, Mar 2002-Jun 2002
U.S. Army Commendation Medal Mar 2005
U.S. Army Achievement Medal Sep 2003


Fundraising / Community Development for Chimteka Children Support, Ltd. (Malawi/Ireland) Aug 2011-Nov 2016