Curriculum Vitae  [ PDF /  HTML ]

  • Interests: Inequality, Intergenerational Mobility, Human Capital Theory

Working Papers

  • "Entrepreneurs, Managers and Inequality"
          [ Abstract /  Paper ] R&R, RED
  • "On the Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Status"
          [ Abstract /  Paper ] with Ananth Seshadri, 3rd round, JPE
  • "Economic Policy and Equality of Opportunity"
          [ Abstract /  Paper  ] with Ananth Seshadri, forthcoming, EJ
  • "The Option Value of Human Capital: Higher Education and Wage Inequality" (NBER wp21724)
          [ Abstract /  Paper ] with Donghoon Lee and Yongs Shin, under review
  • "The Causal Effect of Parents' Education on Children's Earnings"
          [ Abstract /  Paper  /  Appendix  ] with Nicolas Roys and Ananth Seshadri, R&R, AER
  • "Horizonatal and Vertical Polarization: Task-Specific Technological Change in a Multi-Sector Economy"
          [ Abstract /  Paper ] with Yongs Shin

Works in Progress

  • "Binding Up the Nation's Wounds: An Economic Analysis of the Korean Reunification"
          with Yongs Shin
  • "Can Redistribution Lead to Economic Development?"
          with Hans Holter and Ananth Seshadri
  • "Human Capital Accumulation in Germany: The Persistent East-West Divide?"
          with Wolfgang Dauth and Sebastian Findeisen

Teaching Materials